How to Find Good Tree Surgeons in Kent

Where to start

Before looking for a tree surgeon in Kent it is essential that firstly you ensure that your chosen company is ARB Approved. Having this accreditation ensures that the craftsmen or women  carrying out the work have undergone the correct training, received the qualifications, and comply with all health and safety regulations regarding tree surgery.

The ARB contractor’s scheme is required by most local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland as it not only ensures compliance to all aspects of tree work by the contractor but also benefits the client by assuring that any work undertaken is provided by good quality tree care services.

The Arboricultural Association (Arboricultural is the technical term for tree surgery) is the governing body for approved contractors and set up the scheme to set the standards for tree surgery works.

Kent tree surgeons are relatively easy to locate, and each can be searched for their Arboricultural Association accreditation as approved contractors by contacting them through their website here.

You will also be able to find them by doing a local Goggle search, this will bring up a list of all of the best tree surgery experts in Kent. Make some enquiries and be sure to ask about their ARB accreditations, but be sure to check out any claims on the above named website as it is very simple for anyone to place the benchmark on their website in the hope that as a client you will simply assume they must be accredited.


What is a tree surgeon?

Tree surgeons in Kent are quite regularly asked what they actually do and although they undertake many varying services their main focus is on tree care and maintenance. Their main services more often than not come about as a result of out of control or damaged trees. It is then their job to resolve any issues with a tree to ensure the safety of both person and property.

Of course they also undertake work on trees that is often related to aesthetics or re-planning (of a garden for example), which may involve complete tree removal.

At this point I should mention that before any tree removal can take place it must be checked to ensure that the tree is not protected or deemed to significantly impact on local wildlife should it be removed, as this could constitute to a breach of the wildlife and countryside act 1981. This may result in fines of up to £5000 and two years’ imprisonment.

Of course, all approved tree surgeons in Kent will be fully aware of this and should be able to advise you on any paperwork or licenses that may be required prior to any tree surgery being carried out.


Some of the tree care services an Arborist (Tree surgeon) in Kent will be able to offer.

  • Tree Planting – Whatever type or size of tree you would like tree care services will be able to organize, source, supply and plant them for you. Yes tree surgeons also plant trees as any skilled worker will tell you, they have a great passion for their chosen trade, wildlife in general and the sustainability of trees in our surroundings.
  • Crown Reductions – If a tree has overgrown out of control and become too large for its environment a simple crown reduction (taking height from the tree) can be undertaken. A skilled trades person will be able to complete this work without compromising the shape and beauty of the tree.
  • Tree Felling – As previously mentioned it may be necessary sometimes to completely fell a tree due to disease, unsafe situations or the tree has died. In these cases the tree will be felled to stump level and if required removed also using stump grinding.
  • Most tree surgeons in Kent will offer log and wood chip services as part of the byproduct of their trade. This service provides both help to local customers and is an important part of recycling.

Kent is a beautiful part of the UK and the services described above ensure that the countryside and local communities are kept looking that way as well as being safe. For specific areas in Kent, search for Tree Surgeon Sevenoaks or Maidstone, Medway etc.